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Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

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Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t — Book Review

Grow Figs

Book Review   Title: Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t Author: Steven Biggs Strong points: This lit­tle book is fun, funky, and yet very com­pre­hen­sive in pro­vid­ing essen­tial infor­ma­tion. It does just what it says it will — help you grow figs in cold cli­mates, out­side the nor­mal grow­ing range for figs. (The author is from […]

Selecting the Healthy Fruit Tree or Berry Bush

You have stud­ied your cli­mate, tested your soil, iden­ti­fied the per­fect plant­ing site, and decided what fruit it is you want to plant. The time to actu­ally pick out your berry bush or fruit tree has arrived. But, how do you make sure you are get­ting a good healthy ones? First, buy from a rep­utable source. […]