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Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

Monthly Archives: March 2014

Fruitful Harvest Starts with a Garden Plan

Apple blossom

Although many of us are still buried under sev­eral feet of snow or tak­ing refuge from sin­gle digit tem­per­a­tures, it is offi­cially spring. I’m itch­ing for the plant­ing and grow­ing sea­son to begin and I bet you are too! Whether you are wait­ing out the extended win­ter or lucky enough to have spring weather, it […]

Four Seasons in the Fruit Garden thru the Lens of a Camera — Winter, Part 3

black cat

March is gone, spring is sup­posed to have sprung. Where is it? The ground hog lied! Six weeks is up and we still have win­ter. Two days ago it was a beau­ti­ful sunny zero degrees. So what do we have from fruit gar­den photo-land this month? The rasp­ber­ries are still well pro­tected, under almost 3 feet of snow. […]

Mayhem in the Fruit Garden — Rodent Feeding and Winter Damage

White bud stage of apricots

As spring tries to arrive, it is time to assess the con­di­tion of our fruit gar­dens. In many parts of the Mid­west and East Coast, win­ter con­tin­ues to try to hold us and our fruit gar­dens hostage. Snow and sleet con­tinue to make what, we all hope, is the last appear­ance. Bit­ter cold does a […]

SweeTango — a Lesson Driven Home

Head­ing off to the Swee­T­ango grow­ers meet­ing saw my hus­band and I lit­er­ally expe­ri­enc­ing a 100°F tem­per­a­ture change in an 8 hour period; from –24°F (yes that is minus) in chilly north­ern Michi­gan to 75°F in Savan­nah, Geor­gia. It was a wel­come change for us humans! It is, how­ever, not one that would do fruit trees […]

To Remain Nameless — Book Review

To Remain Name­less; what a strange title for a book on fruit gar­den­ing. Well, actu­ally that’s not the title of the book. I decided to take this approach since I have encoun­tered a book on my review list that is so full of defi­cien­cies and mis­in­for­ma­tion that it really should not be in your library. Normally, […]

The Cyber-myth: How to Grow a _______ (fill in the blank) Fruit Tree from Seed

Apple Blossom

I’ve seen this pop­u­lar “inter­net leg­end” float­ing around in a lot of forums, social media sites, and other venues lately. Yes, tech­ni­cally you can grow an apple, peach, cherry — you name it — tree from seed. After all that is how they orig­i­nally started.…..eons ago, that is. How­ever, most of these cyber-mentions I’ve seen are […]