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Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

Monthly Archives: April 2014

Pomology — What Does That Word Mean?

Some­times learn­ing a new hobby can be like learn­ing a new lan­guage. Many hob­bies come with their own set of ter­mi­nol­ogy and fruit gar­den­ing is cer­tainly no excep­tion. This point was brought home to me recently in an edit­ing class I am tak­ing. One of my fel­low class­mates liked the piece —  a blog post […]

Four Seasons in the Fruit Garden thru the Lens of a Camera — Spring

spring crocus

Spring is try­ing soooo hard to arrive, but win­ter is hold­ing a very firm grip this year.                   It’s been so cold and gray that I have found it hard to even try to take a few pho­tos. What I have been able to cap­ture is has hardly […]

The Fruit Garden After Snow-melt: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Grape vine shows some serious rodent feeding over winter.

The Good We have spring! Really, truly; the snow is largely melted, the rest will go fast. The days have warmed and buds will soon begin to swell. .….…Or at least that’s how it was Fri­day when I started this post. Today, Mon­day, we had rain and now, snow; enough snow to turn the pas­ture outside […]

A Compact, Fruitful Garden Plan

Plan for a compact home fruit garden

As promised last post, here is a sketch of a model fruit gar­den that I saw dur­ing a work­shop last sum­mer at the Berk­shire Botan­i­cal Gar­den. This com­pact gar­den could be used or mod­i­fied slightly to fit even the small­est sub­ur­ban lot. I’ve embell­ished the orig­i­nal design with a few addi­tional ideas of my own. […]