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Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

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The Tree of 40 Fruits

When it comes to graft­ing fruit trees, most of us would be hard pressed to top Sam Van Aken. How­ever, in urban areas around the United States, small bands of intre­pid grafters give it a clan­des­tine try. Not only does Van Aken  seek to cre­ate a fas­ci­nat­ing tree of great beauty, his unique cre­ation could […]

Spring Chip-Budding

Tools for grafting fruit trees - buddiing knife, elastic tie, scionwood, and sharpening stone

Buds on the fruit trees are begin­ning to swell and the grass is green­ing up, thanks to the light rains and 50 degree days we’ve had this past week. I’m get­ting antsy to do the spring chip bud­ding I men­tioned in an ear­lier post. My bud­wood was col­lected and prop­erly stored ear­lier. Now I just […]

The Cyber-myth: How to Grow a _______ (fill in the blank) Fruit Tree from Seed

Apple Blossom

I’ve seen this pop­u­lar “inter­net leg­end” float­ing around in a lot of forums, social media sites, and other venues lately. Yes, tech­ni­cally you can grow an apple, peach, cherry — you name it — tree from seed. After all that is how they orig­i­nally started.…..eons ago, that is. How­ever, most of these cyber-mentions I’ve seen are […]

Collecting Dormant Scionwood

sticks of scionwood suitable for grafting

While north­ern gar­den­ers are buried in snow, west­ern gar­den­ers are del­uged with rain, and south­ern­ers are coated with ice; it’s not too early to think about any fruit tree prop­a­ga­tion you may be plan­ning for the spring. This will require a sup­ply of dor­mant scionwood (aka bud­wood.) Before spring arrives, it will be time to […]