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Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

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Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist — Book Review

Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist by Michael Judd will help you create an edible landscape in harmony with nature's growing system, whether you grow in an urban garden or on larger acreage.

Book Review Title: Edi­ble Land­scap­ing with a Per­ma­cul­ture Twist Author: Michael Judd Strong points: Right from the get-go, this book shows it’s true col­ors and under­stand­ing of design. It is well laid-out and beau­ti­ful to look at. It guides you through pur­su­ing a per­ma­cul­ture gar­den with very clear instruc­tions on how to incor­po­rate small projects into your […]

Fruit Trees and Berry Plants— Specialty Nurseries List

Specialty nurseries are your best bet for finding quality fruit trees, berry bushes, vines and plants

It’s cyber Mon­day, with a twist. As my hol­i­day gift to all of you, I’ve com­piled a list of nurs­eries that spe­cial­ize in the prop­a­ga­tion and sale of fruit trees and berry plants to the home gar­dener. It can be down­loaded as a PDF and printed for per­sonal use or you can refer directly to […]

Apples of Uncommon Character—Book Review

Book Review Title: Apples of Uncom­mon Char­ac­ter Author: Rowan Jacob­sen Strong points: If you are a “foodie” look­ing for new taste expe­ri­ences this may be the book for you. One hun­dred twenty three apple vari­eties, heir­loom and mod­ern, are described as if each apple were a fine wine. Art­ful yet accu­rate pho­tos raise this book to coffee […]

Apples for the 21st Century—Book Review

apple varieties, heirloom apples, stating a home orchard, fruit variety tesitng, apple rootstock

Book Review   Title: Apple for the 21st Cen­tury Author: War­ren Man­hart Strong points: With a title that would lead one to think this book is ori­ented mainly toward the mod­ern com­mer­cial apple indus­try and the super mar­ket apple, Apples for the 21st Cen­tury delves into a pleas­antly sur­pris­ing, broad-based list of both heir­loom and mod­ern varieties. […]

Old Southern Apples: A comprehensive History and Description of Varieties for Collectors, Growers, and Fruit Enthusiasts, 2nd Ed—Book Review

Old Southern Apples Creighton Lee Calhoun, Jr.

Book Review Title: Old South­ern Apples: A com­pre­hen­sive His­tory and Descrip­tion of Vari­eties for Col­lec­tors, Grow­ers, and Fruit Enthu­si­asts. Revised and Expanded Author: Creighton Lee Cal­houn, Jr. Strong points: Old South­ern Apples is filled with the regional soci­ol­ogy, the sci­ence, and the sto­ries that make apple grow­ing inter­est­ing and excit­ing. It is an exten­sively well-researched work of […]

Apples of North America—Book Review

Apples of North America

Book Review   Title: Apples of North Amer­ica Author: Ton Bur­ford Strong points: This is a fab­u­lous com­pendium of note­wor­thy apples from an expert who truly knows his apple vari­eties up close and per­sonal! Many pre­vi­ous books on fruit vari­eties were often mainly ency­clo­pe­dias of dry characteristics—color, shape, ripen­ing season—rather than the real meat you need to […]

Water, Water Everywhere.…Or Nowhere

Watering cans

At the moment, for me, the well has run a bit dry; fig­u­ra­tively that is. This post is a bit behind sched­ule due to a minor case of writer’s block. My apolo­gies. Today I finally real­ized that could serve as inspi­ra­tion; inscrip­tion to write about how fig­u­ra­tive famine or flood might influ­ence the fruit crop. Late […]

What’s Wrong with My Fruit Garden? — Book Review

What's Wrong with My Fruit Garden?

Book Review   Title: What’s Wrong with My Fruit Gar­den? Authors: David Dear­dorff and Kathyrn Wadsworth Strong points: Much of the book is pre­sented in chart form. Near the begin­ning of the book, you will find a chart orga­nized by prob­lem type. This pro­vides quick ini­tial sug­ges­tions to help iden­tify the pos­si­ble source of your fruit gar­den problem. […]

Compost Conundrums: Trouble-shooting Your Compost Pile

Demand for good com­post is bound to be in full swing now that a fresh gar­den­ing sea­son well under­way . Hope­fully you have an ample, ready source. If, how­ever, you are expe­ri­enc­ing chal­lenges with your com­post pile, let’s do some trou­ble shoot­ing. Here are some com­mon prob­lems and pos­si­ble solu­tions to your com­post conun­drums: 1. My […]

Fruit Garden Terms A — Z

Glos­sary of Hor­ti­cul­tural Usage The word mean­ings as defined in this glos­sary are in con­text of how they apply to fruit grow­ing. Some terms may have addi­tional com­mon Eng­lish lan­guage mean­ings that are not included here. A Acid soil Soil with a pH less than 7.0. An acid soil is usu­ally low in lime. Also caused by […]