Stella Otto: The Backyard Fruit Gardener

Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

The BackYard Berry Book: FAQs

Author: Stella Otto

Pages: 288
Size: 6 x 9. Trade paperback
Black & white line illustrations
Resource lists
Trouble shooting guide
Monthly almanac
Glossary. Index.
$17.95 USD

ISBN: 978-0-9634520-6-1

Pub Date: April 1, 1995

Published by: OttoGraphics (Distributed by: Chelsea Green Publishing)

Sug­gested Inter­view Ques­tions about The Back­yard Berry Book

1. What kinds of berries are best for begin­ners who want to grow their own fruit?

2. What kind of soil do these berries need, and what can you do if your soil is less than optimal?

3. Where is the ideal loca­tion to grow Rasp­ber­ries, Straw­ber­ries, Blue­ber­ries, Black­ber­ries. What will grow best along a fence, next to a shed, in a gar­den bed, in a bar­rel or container?

4. Do berries need any spe­cial care such as prun­ing or fertilizing?

5. What are the most impor­tant tips you have for begin­ners who want to grow their own berries?

6. How many years old must each dif­fer­ent berry bush or plant be in order to pro­duce fruit?

7. I’d like to have some fruit this sum­mer, which kinds pro­duce fruit in the first year?

8. Can you buy older bushes and vines to speed up the process and get fruit sooner?

9. How long is the har­vest­ing sea­son for each kind of berry?

10. Can you prop­a­gate your own berry bushes to share with other gar­den­ers or can you grow berries from seed to save money?

11. Where is the best place to get starter berry bushes or plants?

12. I’m really con­cerned about pes­ti­cides. Can I raise berries with­out using any chemicals?

13. I live in a condo, what berries can I raise in a con­tainer or really small garden?

14. What spe­cial tips does The Back­yard Berry Book offer that you might not find in most books?

15. Where can I buy The Back­yard Berry Book?

16. Any­thing else you would like to add?

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