Stella Otto: The Backyard Fruit Gardener

Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

The BackYard Orchardist: Story Ideas

Author: Stella Otto

Pages: 250
Size: 6x9. Trade paperback
Black & white line illustrations
Resource lists
Trouble shooting guide
Monthly almanac
Glossary. Index.
$16.95 USD

ISBN: 978-0-9634520-3-0

Pub Date: January 1, 1995

Published by: OttoGraphics (Distributed by: Chelsea Green Publishing)

Story Ideas from The Back­yard Orchardist

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Tips for Start­ing a Suc­cess­ful Fruit Gar­den — Do you know the impor­tant secrets of proper plan­ning and site selec­tion to get your home orchard off to a quick and pro­duc­tive start?
Choos­ing a Suit­able Vari­ety
— tips on what to con­sider when choos­ing vari­eties appro­pri­ate for your gar­den con­di­tions
Prun­ing a spe­cific tree fruit — select­ing the proper prun­ing style for your fruit tree’s growth habit, the right cuts to make and when in the sea­son to prune
Ren­o­vat­ing an over­grown fruit tree

Ready-to-Use Sto­ries

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Hunt for the Per­fect Fruit Tree — Find­ing the fruit tree that best suits your needs can depend on where you look. Includes offer for free nurs­ery list. (585 words)
Thin­ning for Larger Fruit — Would you rather pick bas­kets of golf ball size fruit or bushels of base­ball size,  county fair prize-winning apples, peaches, plums and other tree fruit? Learn the secrets to pro­duc­ing the win­ners here. Thin­ning is done May-July, depend­ing on grow­ing zone. (360 words)
June Drop — What is this phe­nom­e­non that catches novice tree fruit grow­ers off guard? Could make a good side bar together with the pre­vi­ous arti­cle. (200 words)
Plant a Fam­ily Tree to Com­mem­o­rate a Spe­cial Fam­ily Mile­stone  — Bring the whole fam­ily together with a home orchard that grows along with the fam­ily. It’s OK to get dirty when you share gar­den­ing projects like plant­ing a “fam­ily” tree. Fruit gar­den­ing is a great way to encour­age healthy eat­ing or fos­ter a love of nature in kids. (400 words)
Har­vest Tips for tree Fruit — Enjoy the best from your fruit trees, be it one or a whole orchars. (480 words)
Proac­tive Pest Con­trol — Non-chemical steps gar­den­ers can take to pro­tect tree fruit and berries from insects and dis­ease. (615 words)
Wildlife — The other fruit gar­den pests and what to do about them. (565 words)
Prun­ing Tips for the Back­yard Fruit Tree — Tips for mak­ing this impor­tant activ­ity easy and fast. (465 words)
When to Prune the Back­yard Fruit Tree — Time your prun­ing to achieve the results you desire: reju­ve­na­tion, size con­tain­ment, eas­ier tree man­age­ment, or more reli­able bear­ing. (615 words)