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Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

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Choosing Apple Varieties for Your Home Orchard

The end result of June Drop and proper fruit thinning. Apple

Octo­ber is National Apple Month; time to cel­e­brate the crunch­ing, munch­ing great fla­vor of our all-American fruit! For some folks that means a trip to the local u-pick, cider mill, or farm­ers’ mar­ket. For oth­ers, maybe you, it is an entice­ment to grow a few apple trees right at home. Plan­ning is one of the keys […]

Thinning Fruit—How?

Properly thinned fruit

I’ve already dis­cussed why you should thin fruit from your tree. Yes, you really should! I’ll men­tion one more rea­son now that I didn’t touch on in the last post: Many young, devel­op­ing, dwarf fruit trees tend to be pre­co­cious. That is, they often start bear­ing fruit in their sec­ond or third year of growth. Naturally, […]

Thinning Fruit Off Your Trees —Why?

Mother Nature has built in sur­vival by ensur­ing that fruit trees bear many more blos­soms than are needed for a full crop. How­ever, this cre­ates a catch-22 when more blos­soms grow and develop into more lit­tle fruit than the tree really can sup­port. Just as wisely, nature’s design includes the like­li­hood that not all developing […]

The Apple Grower: A Guide For the Organic Orchardist — Book Review

The Apple Grower - Book cover

Book Review Title: The Apple Grower: A Guide For the Organic Orchardist Author: Michael Phillips Strong points: The Apple Grower real­is­ti­cally cov­ers the goals of grow­ing a small scale com­mer­cial organic orchard. It both points out the chal­lenges of grow­ing organ­i­cally and pro­vides solid options for deal­ing with those chal­lenges. It is very evi­dent that Michael has […]