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Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

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Fall Preparation Holds Keys to Successful Spring Fruit Garden

Fall is most often viewed as the sea­son for har­vest­ing the last boun­ti­ful crops from the gar­den. How­ever, many gar­den­ers over­look an even more impor­tant gar­den activ­ity — prepar­ing a new gar­den for next spring. When cre­at­ing a fruit gar­den, home orchard, or other gar­den for that mat­ter, prepa­ra­tion is espe­cially impor­tant. Prepar­ing the gar­den at […]

Winter is coming — Is your Fruit Garden Ready?

First dusting of snow in the strawberries

The arrival of win­ter is inevitable and much as we all love to gar­den, the occa­sional break from plant­ing, bat­tling pests, and har­vest­ing is an impor­tant and wel­come respite. The break is impor­tant for our fruit­ing plants as well. Although it may appear that our plants are doing noth­ing, that’s not really true. Many necessary […]

Soil Testing

Before apply­ing nutri­ents to your plant­ing site it is wise to know what nutri­ents are already present and avail­able in your soil. By test­ing the soil you can avoid spend­ing money on unneeded or incor­rect fer­til­iz­ers. Also, by avoid­ing over-application, you avoid min­eral leach­ing that con­tributes to ground water pol­lu­tion Soil test­ing is quite sim­ple. Samples […]

Fruit Gardening is Much Like Being a Boy Scout

Yes, fruit gar­den­ing really is much like being a Boy Scout. One of the big keys to long-term fruit gar­den suc­cess is being pre­pared. Right now — in late sum­mer — is the per­fect time to take on that prepa­ra­tion. “What’s that,” you say, “now?” Yes indeed! A boun­ti­ful fruit gar­den takes some plan­ning and a […]