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Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

The Backyard Orchardist goes on a Blog Book Tour

stella-cover-bannerWhat fun! The Back­yard Orchardist is get­ting to meet new fruit gar­dener friends all over the coun­try as we go on vir­tual tour. We’re stop­ping in to visit a num­ber of gar­den­ing, home­steading, and per­ma­cul­ture blogs and hope you will join us in vis­it­ing these great stops. Here are some past stops, with more to come soon:

May 8

North Coast Gar­den­ing—Yours truly has writ­ten a spe­cial guest post on Med­lars for all of North Coast Gar­den­ing read­ers. Here’s what Genevieve says about it “I love how you brought some lit­er­a­ture and his­tory into the mix to make peo­ple feel even more intrigued about this unusual fruit. And your prac­ti­cal sug­ges­tions were amaz­ing.” Hope you’ll enjoy it.

May  5

On my recent visit to Phoenix, Ari­zona, Greg Peter­son of gave me a fab­u­lous tour and shared his cre­ative ideas for how you can grow fruit in your urban set­ting in a cli­mate very dif­fer­ent from what I’m used to here in north­ern Michi­gan. We’ve put a pod­cast together to share some of what got us both involved in fruit home gar­den­ing and share lots of tips and hints on how you can get started too. Enjoy!

March 30

Mon­tana Home­steader—Annie has shared a lovely review and ways The Back­yard Orchardist will help her with her home orchard this com­ing sea­son. Thank you! I’m so glad you found lots of use­ful infor­ma­tion. Check out Annie’s Pin­ter­est and Face­book as well.

Com­mon Sense Home—Lau­rie, just across the water in Wis­con­sin, offers a no-nonsense look at the Back­yard Orchardist and yet another chance to  try your luck for a copy.

March 14

Lit­tle House Liv­ing— If you want to learn what mis­takes to avoid as a new home orchardist, come enjoy my guest post here. Start­ing on March 18th you will have a chance to win your own copy of The Back­yard Orchardist, 2nd edi­tion. Merissa will also share a future book review from her home­stead in South Dakota.

I’d like to offer a great big THANK YOU to all our tour stops. If your blog would like ot join a fur­ture tour, we’d love to have you. Just get in touch here. May all your gar­den­ing be fruitful!


Busy-at-Home—Glenda will be offer­ing up her book review. You can also reg­is­ter for a chance to win a free copy of The Back­yard Orchardist, 2nd edition.

Home­stead Blog­gers Net­work—Join  a whole bushel of home­stead­ers in learn­ing what points to con­sider (and a few to avoid) when choos­ing your first fruit trees. Angela will also be offer­ing abook give­away and review of The Back­yard Orchardist.