Stella Otto: The Backyard Fruit Gardener

Today's Tip: Mow vegetation short around the base of fruit trees and bushes to reduce winter habitat for rodents.

The BackYard Orchardist Visits the Urban Farm Podcast

stella-book-new-circleEar­lier I blogged about my visit to Ari­zona and the Urban Farm, home of Greg Peter­son, a very com­mit­ted dis­ci­ple of grow­ing your own food right in down­town Phoenix. More recently, Greg and I had a chance to “talk fruit trees” on the Urban Farm pod­cast. Come lis­ten in while we com­pare notes and chat about why home grown food is so impor­tant and so fabulous!

Of course we talked a bit about the “how-to.” Other ques­tions we talked about include:

  • a time we may have failed as grow­ers and what we learned
  • suc­cess, of course, too
  • books that have been the most influ­en­tial in our life as food gar­den­ers and educators
  • what we con­sider the best things about grow­ing your own food and
  • a few com­par­isons and dif­fer­ences between grow­ing in our var­ied cli­mates of hot, dry, low chill Ari­zona and chilly, short sea­son Michigan.

Lis­ten in, you may be sur­prised by a few points and hope­fully stim­u­lated to fur­ther action by others.